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1. The work

  • The novel submission must either be an original work written wholly by the author(s) or an original translation of a work translated wholly by the translator(s). If the work is a translation, biographical data must be provided for both author(s) and translator(s).
  • The submission must be at least 40,000 words long; entrants are encouraged to submit works that are 60,000 words or longer. There is no upper word limit.
  • Submissions must be in the English language. Short story collections are not eligible.


2. The manuscript

  • All manuscripts should be prepared with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-lined spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and page numbers. Set the page size to A4. Do not justify text; instead align text to the left.
  • All manuscripts and their copies should come with a cover page. The cover page should include: working title synopsis (50-100 words) and word count. Do not include the author’s name anywhere on the manuscript.
  • Spelling should follow Oxford Dictionaries. Please use British spelling.
  • Do not use the serial comma.
  • Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs; paragraph breaks are to be indicated using an asterisk (*) that is centre-justified on the page.
  • Single spaces (not double) after full stops and other punctuation.
  • Most punctuation, and all full stops and commas, are to be placed outside quotation marks, as in British usage; the exception is in dialogue. In addition, use double-quotes (" ") rather than single quotes (' ')
  • Ellipses are to be indicated by typing three full stops without spaces (…). Do not use four-point ellipses.
  • Dashes are to be formatted as em dashes (—) only, not en dashes (–), with no spaces on either side.
  • En dashes, not hyphens, are to be used to indicate a date range, as in "1914–1918", with no spaces on either side.
  • Other matters of style are generally determined according to the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Any specific questions of style should be posed to Epigram Books at ebfp@epigrambooks.sg.


3. Submission details

  • The entrant(s) must fill out an entry form (please type; do not write by hand). The form, as well as the manuscript soft copy, a scan of each entrant’s documents in support of their citizenship and a recent photo of each entrant, must be uploaded to our Submittable form (link below).
  • Five (5) hard copies of the manuscript are required for each submission. Submissions without hard copies will be considered ineligible. All hard copies must be bound (comb binding) and printed double-sided. Submit the hard copies of the manuscript with a signed print-out of the entry form by registered post or in person to:

                                Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2021
                                Epigram Books
                                1008 Toa Payoh North, #03-08
                                Singapore 318996

  • We will not entertain other forms of submission.
  • The organisers and judges shall not be held responsible for manuscripts or collaterals that have been lost or damaged in transit.
  • Manuscripts and collaterals submitted for this competition will be retained by Epigram Books. Please keep the original for your own reference.
  • Works can be submitted either by the entrant(s) or a chosen representative.
  • Works should adhere to the style and formatting guidelines provided below.
  • Epigram Books shall acknowledge each entry by email.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.